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Name and address

The name of the web is included in the title on all pages. The address is the base path that all pages within the web live beneath. Ex: the address "rails" gives URLs like /rails/show/HomePage.
Name:    Address: (Letters and digits only)


Markup:    Color:

Safe mode - strip HTML tags and stylesheet options from the content of all pages
Brackets only - require all wiki words to be as [[wiki word]], WikiWord links won't be created
Count pages
Allow uploads of no more than kbytes - allow users to upload pictures and other files and include them on wiki pages

Stylesheet tweaks >> - add or change styles used by this web; styles defined here take precedence over instiki.css. Hint: View HTML source of a page you want to style to find ID names on individual tags.

Password protection for this web (Rubyist wiki)

This is the password that visitors need to view and edit this web. Setting the password to nothing will remove the password protection.
Password:    Verify:

Publish read-only version of this web (Rubyist wiki)

You can turn on a read-only version of this web that's accessible even when the regular web is password protected. The published version is accessible through URLs like /wiki/published/HomePage.
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