Rubyist wiki

Ruby is a programming language conceived by Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto in 1993. Ruby is a fully object-oriented programming language that emphasizes efficiency of the programming experience rather than efficiency of execution. Ruby is built for the programmer’s enjoyment, and not the compiler’s. Ruby has a tendency to instill a love into Ruby programmers—or Rubyists as they like to call their selves—which is seldom experienced with other programming languages.

Ruby has a very active community that is hailed for its niceness. Witness of this is the acronym MINASWAN which stands for “Matz Is Nice And So We Are Nice”. The main communication channel between Ruby gurus and Ruby newbies (often referred to as nubies) is the ruby-talk mailing list. In 2000, comp.lang.ruby, the official Ruby newsgroup, was approved. Gateway software synchronizes this news group with the ruby-talk mailing list. A forum interface to ruby-talk is provided as well. For more information on Ruby related lists and how to subscribe, see

Before the advent of the Pickaxe—as “Programming Ruby” is known to Rubyists—Ruby was largely unknown outside Japan. Nowadays, only deaf people and ostriches haven’t heard of Ruby, and a plethora of information is available on it:

For more information on Ruby and a complete list of Ruby related literature, see the comp.lang.ruby FAQ, though it has a tendency to get out of date.