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Belgian Ruby User Group

Welcome to the home of the Belgian Ruby User Group, or BRUG for short. “Brug” is the Dutch word for “bridge”, symbolizing the bridge we want to build between Belgium and Ruby.

In the summer of 2007, a few Belgian Ruby developers decided to put Ruby in the spotlight in their tiny country. Belgium is largely ignoring Ruby, and it was about time that we did something about this. And where better to start than by building a Belgian Ruby user base.cancer symptoms The idea of a Belgian Ruby user group was born.

On October 3 2007, this idea took shape in the form of the first Belgian Ruby User Group meeting. We had an unexpectedly large turn-out of over 25 Ruby enthusiasts. The first BRUG was very successful with lots of bonding and networking. Besides important discussion about the future of the BRUG, a presentation was given on domain specific languages in Ruby and our first attempt at recording talks like this can be found here . The slides of the talk can be found at our development page at Rubyforge.

The latest event organized by the BRUG was a Ruby and Rails devroom at FOSDEM. The Call For Papers can be found here. The program can be found here. That page also links to the presentations.

If you are interested in joining us, subscribe to the brug-talk mailing list to see what is going on in our Belgian Ruby community these days. The mailing list archives
shingles symptoms can be found here.

Here you can find a list of some of our members. Most of our members are Ruby on Rails users, but we have a few members who spend most of their time writing pure Ruby code. If or when you join us
swarovski beads, consider appending your name to the list.

More information on Ruby and Rails can be found here and there.
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