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Finding the Right Research Paper Partner

There are a lot of instances wherein your teachers assign a research paper and expect you to find a research partner. It might sound easy, right? You just have to tell your buddy that you guys are partners. This might seem like an easy task, but in reality, it is not, and your buddy over there is not the best research partner choice.

Research papers are not like essays wherein you can throw some words together and you’re done. These require patience and a lot of research—and if you choose the right research partner, you can be sure that the both of you can finish the task easily. You’ll be cutting the work time in half, whereas if you choose a random research partner, there is a probability that you’ll be doubling the work time because the both of you can’t seem to agree on most aspects of the research.

Writing papers require patience, but working with a partner is different from working on your own. In many ways, your choice of research partner can affect you work progress and overall results. If you choose a research partner randomly, there is a chance that your research may have some problems.

You need to choose someone who has the same goals that you have and knows the importance of creating a good research. If your buddy is someone like that, perhaps you can choose him, but if he is not able to take things seriously and would distract you from work, it would be better to choose someone else rather than risk it.