Rubyist wiki
To Do List

Target audience
  • target = developers
  • content = technical talks and use cases (with technical detail)
  • update List Of Channels where we will publish (mailing lists, forums, BRUG itself, users).
  • finalize Call For Papers
  • appoint who will (single instance!) send invite on channels
  • handle incoming papers (administration)
  • select papers
  • invite speakers (in private, “invited speakers”)
  • make the final program
  • send program + abstracts to FOSDEM
  • check infrastructure
    • network if needed
    • a projector
    • drinks for speakers
  • invite people
  • be there
  • ask for copies of presentations and post them (e.g. on Slideshare)
  • take pictures
  • note the areas where improvement is needed
  • ...
  • set-up e-mail forwarder for abstracts@ ...